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  1. Arnott Rear Air Spring - 93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII - Left or Right

    Arnott's new rear air springs are manufactured with a new heavy-duty air sleeve from Continental ContiTech. Each air spring is assembled and rigorously tested to ensure the highest standard of quality and includes a new seal kit.

  2. Arnott Coil Spring Conversion Kit - 93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII

    This new coil spring conversion kit was exclusively designed by Arnott to convert the entire Lincoln Mark VIII to a reliable coil spring/strut suspension system.

    To ensure your vehicle's handling and safety, Arnott's rear spring seats are CNC-machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. No special tools are required to complete the installation. The kit comes with detailed installation instructions.

  3. Arnott Air Suspension Dryer Assembly - 97-06 Ford, Lincoln

    These dryers are manufactured with high quality components and will provide many years of maintenance-free service. This dryer will help prevent moisture from building up in your air lines. Moisture can freeze and cause damage to your air suspension system.


  4. Arnott Air Suspension Compressor - 93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII

    Arnott has teamed up with Gast Manufacturing, Inc. to design one of the most reliable air suspension compressors ever! Arnott's new heavy-duty compressors feature everything from an epoxy-coated finish to prevent corrosion, to a rocking arm piston with an exclusive long-life cup material.

    Arnott's compressor comes complete with new vibration isolators, a new desiccate air dryer, and all necessary mounting brackets. Arnott is constantly setting and exceeding industry precedents and now, with nearly 100 years of combined knowledge, Arnott and Gast have once again revolutionized air suspension.

    Relay must be replaced

  5. Arnott Rear Shock Kit - 93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII (4.6 Liter V8)

    Now you can finally eliminate that harsh ride for good with Arnott's new rear shock kit for the Lincoln Mark VIII. This kit will give you a smooth, comfortable ride and includes 2 new upper shock mounts to eliminate rattling, and 2 rear shocks.

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5 Item(s)