New Air Suspension Struts for Jaguar XJ Series Put Smile On Face of Do-It-Yourselfer

Arnott’s New Air Suspension Struts for Jaguar XJ Series
Put Smile On Face of ‘Fair Wrench’ Do-It-Yourselfer


“The Installation Video and Install Manual made the install straightforward and easy.
When I finished, there were no dashboard warning lights on,
and that made me a happy camper.


“But when I took the car out for a test drive,
that’s when I really had a smile on my face … it felt like new again.”

— Ross Kuhns, Columbus, Ohio

Customer: Ross Kuhns
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Occupation:Commercial Real Estate Developer
Automobile: 2005 Jaguar XJ8 VDP (X350 Chassis)
Arnott Aftermarket Parts: AS-2710 (Front) & AS-2711 (Rear) Jaguar XJ Series Air Struts
The Car and Driver

Ross Kuhns is a commercial real estate developer from Columbus, Ohio. Based on a background racing and working on cars, Kuhns said he qualifies to be called a ‘fair wrench.’
Because his current line of work often finds him on the road, he wanted a comfortable car, so he jumped at a chance to buy a well-maintained 2005 Jaguar XJ8 VDP from a Florida resident.
The Challenge

“Every scheduled maintenance interval was checked off, all the necessary work that should have been done was documented,” said Kuhns. “The only thing in need of attention was the air suspension. The car looked like a low-rider because the front was down.”
Search for a Solution

Kuhns said he first inquired about replacing the Jaguar’s air suspension with OE Jaguar parts at a dealer.

“I got a real case of sticker shock,” Kuhns said. “I was quoted from $4-5K for the parts, NOT including labor, to replace it all. Being the frugal-minded person that I am, I started searching for an alternative by asking for help and reviewing comments on a web-based Jaguar forum.”

On the Jaguar forum, Kuhns said he came across Arnott and, “after creating what one might call a technical research super-thread,” he found Arnott had a good reputation.
“I also learned that many Jaguar dealers have used Arnott’s remanufactured air suspension products,” said Kuhns. “I was convinced Arnott was the way to go.”

The only question left for Kuhns was whether to purchase Arnott’s popular Coil Conversion Kit or go with new, not remanufactured, Arnott-designed front and rear Air Struts … Arnott Parts AS-2710 (Front) and AS-2711 (Rear).
While Arnott built its business and reputation by offering quality, affordable remanufactured air suspension products since father and son founded the company in a South Florida garage in 1989, the Merritt Island-based company has invested significant time and money into new products research and development.
In 2015, Arnott Air Suspension Products christened a new Engineering/Research and Development center dedicated to developing and producing air suspension products worthy of the company slogan: ‘Engineered to Ride, Built to Last.’ The 68,000-square-foot building – which includes a significantly larger garage with additional lifts, state-of-the-art test equipment, and additional engineering offices – increases the company’s expansive campus to almost 300,000 square feet on more than 21 acres.
“I was impressed with the new products and also, because my back is an issue, I decided to go with the smooth alternative … new air suspension all-around,” said Kuhns.

Working with Arnott: The Purchase

Before clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, Kuhns watched Arnott’s product Installation Video and also contacted Arnott to ask questions and receive answers in the continuation of Kuhns’ self-titled ‘technical research super-thread.’
“Being somewhat of a tech myself, when I saw the video I thought the installation didn’t look too hard,” said Kuhns. “But I still went back to the Jaguar forum, pored over the reviews once again, and contacted Arnott’s forum representative, who was very helpful. I was pleased to find he is a real person, and knew quite a lot. What was even more impressive is that what he didn’t have an answer to right away, he promised to find out … and get back to me … which he did. My experience in business is that less than half the time that actually occurs.”
Being convinced, Kuhns purchased the new Jaguar air struts, the parts shipped quickly, and the rest could be considered a happy recap.
Working with Arnott: The Install

“Pretty much everything went as expected,” said Kuhns. “I had a question about how the airline connected to the air strut tops, and Arnott’s toll-free Tech Support helped me with that quickly.
“The Installation Video and hard copy Install Manual made the install straightforward and easy. When I finished, there were no dashboard warning lights on, and that made me a happy camper.”
Kuhns said it took him about 2 hours a corner to install the air struts, but added “it might have gone a little quicker had I not had my 3-year-old son nearby who wanted to help.”
How The Air Suspension Met The Road

Kuhns said he was pleased with everything leading up to the final chapter of his Arnott Air Suspension Products experience, but that it was the end game that really gave him a sense of well-being and satisfaction.
“When I took the car out for a test drive, that’s when I really had a smile on my face … it felt like new again,” said Kuhns. “Coming from the race world, I had plenty of questions about spring rate and how it would handle. It handled a little sharper, and that’s what I had been told … it was more like sport suspension than an American luxury car … I was quite happy with that.”
Arnott: The Aftermarket Air Suspension Products Provider of Choice

“Arnott’s legit,” said Kuhns. “And the Lifetime Warranty, that’s important. Also, reading up on the company and its growth and development, it’s clear to me that Arnott has a philosophy of kaizen, the Japanese term for constant improvement.
“When you’re an auto enthusiast, and you find a company with a passion for your passion, that’s great. I like that … it’s the way it’s supposed to be.”


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