Arnott® Motorcycle Air Suspension Introduces Ultimate Ride Kit for ’01-’16 Honda® Gold Wing® and Gold Wing® F6B

Arnott® Motorcycle Air Suspension — the leader in True Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles — announced the introduction of a height adjustable FOX® Air Suspension System for the 2001 to 2016 Honda® Gold Wing® (GL 1800 Models) and Honda Gold Wing® F6B.
Available as Arnott Part MC-2912 or MC-2925, the Gold Wing motorcycle air suspension system is a featured new offering in Arnott’s completely redesigned line of TruAIR Motorcycle Air Suspension kits available for many popular Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Indian®, Kawasaki®, Suzuki®, Victory®, and Yamaha® motorcycles.

Arnott’s ‘Ultimate Ride’ Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit
for Gold Wing® GL 1800 and Gold Wing® F6B Motorcycles
Features A Nitrogen-Charged FOX® Shock Absorber
and A Powerful Air Compressor

Custom-Designed for the Gold Wing® Frame
Arnott’s new adjustable Air Suspension System for the Honda Gold Wing® is custom-designed for the Gold Wing® frame to provide the rider with superior control, ride comfort and height adjustability. The kit, featuring Arnott’s TruAIR technology, includes a rugged air spring bladder and is not an air cylinder or air-assisted unit.
At the core of this patent-pending system is a custom nitrogen-charged FOX® shock absorber and a rugged Goodyear® air spring designed to provide superior comfort, ride quality, and durability. Arnott pairs the shock with a small but powerful compressor, mounting bracket, and air distribution valve block with muffler to control how fast air is released.
The system — available with black (MC-2912) or chrome (MC-2925) handlebar-mounted inflation switch — retails for $1,499.
Each Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension kit includes everything needed for a fast and flawless installation including Arnott’s air distribution valve, detailed Installation Manual, fused wiring harness and relay assembly, all necessary tubing, wiring, cable ties, fittings, and mounting accessories. Each kit is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott’s Florida manufacturing facility and is backed by Arnott’s renowned Limited Lifetime Warranty.
More About The New TruAIR Line

The Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension product line has evolved into two revolutionary categories designed to give motorcycle enthusiasts a welcome choice when it comes to their passion. Both categories boast Arnott’s TruAIR technology — true adjustable air suspension, not just simple air cylinders, ‘air-assisted’ devices, or shabby contraptions built with automotive part castoffs.
Arnott’s two new Motorcycle Air Suspension kit categories include:
— Ultimate Ride: top shelf premium performance, comfort, and quality for the serious rider. Ultimate Ride kits feature FOX shocks, many with optional rebound control.
— Smooth Ride: a step up from stock shocks for the motorcyclist about town. Smooth Ride kits offer height and air spring adjustability beginning at only $599 retail.

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In addition to Arnott’s groundbreaking partnership with FOX, Arnott also is pleased to note its Motorcycle Air Suspension products include multi-ply Goodyear® air springs, small but powerful compressors from Gast® and VIAIR®, and application-specific compressor mounting hardware.

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