Arnott Air Suspension Products ready to take on Europe

Arnott supplies cost-effective products to wholesalers and workshops


– Arnott Europe ready to take on the European market

– Opening officiated by council executive for economic affairs in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

– 225 national and international guests

– The crowning pinnacle of a year’s hard work

– 25th anniversary of Arnott Inc

– 400,000 brochures


“Arnott Europe is ready to take on the European market.” It was with these words that Arnott Europe Air Suspension Products kicked off the official Grand Opening, attended by Jan Hoskam, council executive for economic affairs in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, CEOs Ronald Jacobs and Goswin de Rouw, and around 225 national and international guests.


Arnott Europe, since being acquired by its American sister-company, Arnott Inc., has been hard at work preparing to formally roll out its activities across Europe this year. “It has involved moving into and fitting out new premises, taking on staff and instilling in them our mission, attending exhibitions, and holding lots of discussions with potential clients”, explains Goswin de Rouw proudly. “We topped all this work off recently with our first ever European 2015/2016 Product Catalogue, with 400,000 copies in six different languages being sent out to all workshops and wholesalers in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.”


Arnott Europe Grand Opening1

National and international guests


“The Grand Opening marks the crowning pinnacle of a year of hard work, one that we wanted to celebrate with our families and friends, as well as with our business contacts at home and abroad”, adds De Rouw. The guest list included an extremely honoured delegation from our sister-company Arnott Inc. and national and international invitees, such as parts importers and wholesalers from abroad, for example, Slovenia, Poland, the UK, Portugal and Ukraine.


At the moment Arnott Europe employs 14 members of staff working in various departments. Arnott Europe has its own R&D department where new solutions and vehicle suspension parts are conceived and developed. In Arnott Europe’s marketing & sales department, staff can fall back on a wealth of international experience, with a command of all major western and eastern European languages.


“Each and everyone of our staff shows enthusiasm and energy», De Rouw continues. “Their capacity to think outside the box helps us achieve what we initially thought impossible. The team’s contribution has been a vital part of our success.”


Arnott Europe Grand Opening2

Initial scepticism shown by the market


The market for air suspension products for luxury cars, remanufactured or otherwise, is growing. For reasons of comfort and safety, many more cars today are being fitted with air suspension. “Despite this, in the beginning the spare parts trade was often sceptical about the sales potential of our products”, explains De Rouw. “However, once importers and wholesalers start selling our products, they are quick to realise the level of demand and the sales potential. This engenders a confidence in our products and they see their added value.


”In Ronald Jacobs’s opinion, Arnott Europe’s success is market-driven. «Our sole purpose is to facilitate. We try to give help and support to customers as best we can. The market is responding to our business, to our way of working and to our products in hugely positive fashion. We sell air-suspension products for almost every make of car fitted as a rule with air suspension.


According to Jacobs, Arnott Europe’s strength lies in the support they offer in terms of product and assembly. “Goswin and I started out in 2006 to see how we could come up with solutions to problems for air-suspension systems. Not only do we supply the parts, we also remanufacture and fit them ourselves. What’s more, we document the information and share our know-how with anyone who needs it. If anyone comes to us with a question, we can give them a concrete, well-founded answer.”


Arnott Europe Team Grand Opening3

Fun for all


In addition to the opening ceremony, officiated by the council executive for economic affairs in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, guests were also given a guided tour of the business and its various departments by Arnott Europe’s team of staff. Several cars, raised on vehicle lifts, were on display in the workshop, enabling visitors to see Arnott components at first hand and to ask any relevant questions. Likewise, many visitors were left admiring the impressive stockroom, the R&D department, the area where parts, such as compressors are assembled, and the possibilities for future on-site expansion of activities.


For every man, woman and child attending the Grand Opening of Arnott Europe, it was a time to hand the flags out. Devotees were treated to coffee served up by an authentic barista, whilst the kids were able to enjoy the delights of a race simulator and a bouncy castle. Anyone feeling hungry after all the activities could partake of several delicious meat dishes straight from the barbecue.


About Arnott Europe


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