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Arnott invites you to a FREE Webinar entitled ‘How Are You Inspecting Shocks & Struts?’ scheduled for Thursday, September 21 at 9 PM CET. The 30-minute Webinar is presented by Babcox Media’s ‘ImportCar’ and ‘Brake & Front End’ magazines and sponsored by Arnott Air Suspension Products. If you cannot attend the live webinar, a link to the on-demand version will be posted after the event on this blog.


Free Webinar Overview


Finding a failed shock or strut is easy, but inspecting a shock or strut for wear is difficult. Communicating the condition of them to the customer can be impossible, unless you have the right tools and knowledge.


It doesn’t matter if a shock or strut is attached to a coil or air spring, it will eventually wear out internally. When a shock or strut is worn out, it will lose its ability to control the movement of the suspension and body. The customer might not realize there is a problem until they have to perform a panic stop or sudden lane change. But how does a technician inspect a shock or strut if they can’t see inside?


In this 30-minute training webinar, featured presenter Andrew Markel, editor of Babcox Media’s TechGroup publications and an ASE certified technician, will discuss how dampeners wear and how a workshop can implement an inspection protocol to spot more worn dampeners, springs, and chassis components. The webinar will also discuss how to diagnose active, hydraulic, and air suspension systems.


This advanced diagnostic and repair training will also cover the following topics to help you become more confident and profitable in selling repair solutions:


    • What wears inside a shock or strut?
    • Is mileage a good guideline for replacement?
    • What happens to the ABS and stability control systems when a shock or strut is worn?
    • What is the life expectancy of a progressive spring or air spring?
    • How does the gas escape from a shock or strut? What happens when the unit is no longer under pressure?
    • What is the best way to road test a vehicle?


Who Should Attend


You should attend this webinar if you are a technician, service advisor, or parts professional who wants to be more proficient at air suspension diagnostics and repairs.




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