Expanded EU, U.S. Research and Development Commitment Bolsters Arnott Innovation, Quality

Expanded Corporate R&D Facility

Plus Arnott Europe’s Workshop Garage 

Underscore Global Commitment to Quality, Innovation

Arnott Air Suspension Products announced it recently christened a new Engineering/Research and Development center dedicated to developing and producing air suspension products worthy of the company slogan: ‘Engineered to Ride, Built to Last.’

The 6,000-square-meter building – which includes a significantly larger garage with additional lifts, state-of-the-art test equipment, and additional engineering offices — increases the company’s expansive U.S. campus to approximately 28,000 square meters on more than 8.5 hectares.

Hands Across The Waters

Arnott Europe and Its Workshop Garage Bolster Overall Corporate R&D

In addition to the R&D activity at Arnott’s corporate headquarters, Arnott benefits from research conducted at Arnott Europe’s Workshop Garage south of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Arnott Europe Workshop, a key part of Arnott Europe’s 3,000-square-meter facility, is staffed with seasoned automotive repair experts and the latest in state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostic equipment.

Dynamic Duo

Combined with its enhanced U.S. Research and Development facility and the Arnott Europe Workshop Garage, Arnott Air Suspension Products boasts an unmatched ability to create the highest-quality air suspension replacement products by improving product design, performance, and manufacturing efficiency.

Arnott’s Expanded U.S. R&D Facility Adds 6,000 High-Tech Square Meters to Corporate Headquarters

«From company inception more than 25 years ago, when father and son turned the family garage into their first R&D center, hands-on innovation has been at the heart of Arnott Air Suspension Products,» said Todd Nash, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. «Certainly the size and scope of the Arnott research and development initiative has changed considerably over the years, yet the core principles behind innovation and quality remain paramount … and that is a key part of what we like to call ‘The Arnott Advantage.'»

How The Suspension Meets The Road

Each new air suspension replacement part requires a significant outlay of painstaking research and development. Engineers start by examining used cores, looking for typical failure points … they then strive to optimize the Arnott version using prototypes created using 3-D mechanical computer-aided design software and high-end 3-D printers. Working versions are then produced using dedicated CNC machines.

Arnott extensively tests all new designs and products on company-owned vehicles, driving them for countless miles. Once a new part passes every test, Arnott uses only the finest materials … such as aircraft-quality aluminum, heavy-duty crimping rings, improved seals, and name-brand rubber air springs … to create the finished product.

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