Air Suspension Compressors

Compressor burnout is one of the more frequent air suspension problems encountered by drivers. Burnout occurs when the compressor wears out, usually due to a leaking air spring or other component failure. By establishing partnerships with the leading suppliers of air suspension compressors, Arnott provides direct replacements for these critical components.

Many of our exceptional compressors are vigorously tested in Arnott’s facilities to assure a long life and reduced failure rates. They are then fitted with application-specific components, providing fast, flawless, plug and play installation. Unlike some compressors simply modified to fit a vehicle, a growing number of Arnott-supplied compressors are identical to those designed by leading OE suppliers, featuring:

Air Suspension Compressors from Arnott are fully covered against manufacturer’s defects if they have not been subjected to burnout from leaking air suspension components, modified, missing labels or damaged by water.

Epoxy-Electrocoated Bracket

Built to OE Specifications

Plug & Play Installation

Includes Mounting Bracket

Arnott Offers Air Suspension Compressors For:

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