Air helper kits

Vehicles, and especially LCV chassis, are designed to manage a wide range of load conditions which inevitably leads to a compromise. Suspension solutions are developed for average loads, providing the maximum possible comfort when empty and at the same time providing necessary safety when fully loaded. Consequently, the suspension can be too strong, making the ride harsh for an unloaded vehicle. On the other hand, the suspension is too weak for permanently loaded vehicles causing premature wear of the steel suspension and an uncomfortable driving experience. This is especially a challenge for vehicles that have a permanent load like motorhomes.

Air helpers offer an adjustable solution to manage cases of more permissible gross weight or an increase in the maximum permissible axle load. The spring reinforcement optimizes the suspension, increasing the safety and usability of the vehicle. Due to not overstressing the suspension, air helper springs eliminate premature wear and tear and improve drivability, increasing the vehicle’s lifespan.

Vehicle without air helpers

Vehicle with air helpers

Air Helper Controllers

Arnott’s air helper controllers will be launched in 2024! Using our extensive experience in air suspension, the Arnott-engineered and manufactured air helper controllers will enable drivers to experience the ultimate comfort. From behind the steering wheel or outside the vehicle, with our digital wireless control panel or App you can lower or raise your vehicle with a push of a button. Our air helper controllers also eliminate the need to run air tubing throughout the vehicle, making installing an air helper kit a lot easier.

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Manual raise & lower functionality

digital display with automatic dimming

Designed in the EU

Permanent 12V or USB power supply

Bluetooth app connection

Detailed installation resources available

Air Helper Springs

Arnott Air Helper Springs are designed and engineered to complement your suspension, preventing it from sagging with increased payload and providing extra stability and increased ride comfort. As for our replacement air springs, all air helper springs are designed and tested in the USA or in the Netherlands and use only the highest quality components. With 35 years of experience in engineering suspension and air springs, the designs are optimized to create an easy-to-install product with fewer pneumatic connections to minimize the risk of leakage.


Premium brand multi-ply air spring sleeve

Pre-assembled "Plug & Play" components

Metric threads & tubing

Air springs can be inflated independently

Assembled in the eu

Detailed installation resources available