Arnott Research & Development

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The Arnott Advantage: World-Class R&D with a Commitment to Quality & Innovation

Located in Merritt Island, Florida (just a few kilometers away from Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral), Arnott’s Corporate Headquarters spans nearly 30.000 m2 and includes a 6.000 m2 Research & Development Center where products are conceived, designed and tested. This bustling facility is home to Mazak multi-tasking CNC machines, state-of-the-art test equipment, a fleet of 40 Arnott-owned vehicles, multiple auto lifts and more. Arnott’s European facility in the Netherlands also houses an offshoot of the world-class R&D team. With coverage on both sides of the Atlantic, Arnott’s innovation seamlessly covers North American and European vehicles.

Arnott US Headquarters

How the Suspension Meets the Road

Every Arnott product must start somewhere. With the help of Arnott’s Core Recycling program, engineers examine used air strut cores and determine common failing points. With those in mind, the design work begins. Prototypes are created using 3-D mechanical, computer-aided design software and high-end 3-D printers. Dedicated CNC machines are used to produce working versions of the parts that are vigorously tested on a fleet of company-owned vehicles. Quality and durability are analyzed over thousands of test miles. Once a part passes every test with flying colors, Arnott uses the highest-quality materials (aircraft-quality aluminum, heavy-duty crimping rings, improved seals, premium-brand rubber air sleeves, polyurethan bumpstops) to create the finished product utilizing production machines that are similar to those used to build the working prototype parts.

Arnott Research & Development