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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't I purchase from your website?

In July of 2016 Arnott transitioned to a dedicated focus on Arnott Authorized Distributors in the EU and ended direct sales to consumers and workshops. Arnott's authorized distributors provide workshops and their customers with a variety of benefits including better pricing, multiple payment options, local warehousing and shipping, and easier returns for cores and warranty items.

By selling only through Arnott Authorized Distributors, Arnott is better able to focus on providing superior customer and technical support while also being able to service our distributors better.

Arnott's website continues to offer detailed product information and installation resources but no longer offers its products for sale via the website. Visitors to can easily find a searchable database with listings for Arnott Authorized Distributors located throughout the EU. The distributor listings provide the ability to zoom into the distributor's location on a map as well as click links to the distributor's website, phone number and email address.

If you cannot find a local distributor in your area, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you find one.

How do I know if the vehicle has an air suspension issue?

In many cases, a malfunction light on the dashboard indicates a problem. A complain may also be that the car is not levelled or is no longer levelling to driving height. Leaks are often the cause of a malfunctioning compressor. They can be found with a soap and water solution. Fixing these will prevent new compressor malfunctions down the line.

How long do air suspension parts last?

On average, an air suspension part should be replaced between 6 to 10 years or between 90.000 to 160.000 kilometers because the rubber will have dried out. Off-road use also influences how often the replacement should be done. Over this time, the rubber bladder dries out, and cracks appear around the bottom piston. Compressors usually wear out because of leaky air springs. However, the computer and height sensors generally last the life of the vehicle.

What is the Arnott Warranty on Air Suspension parts?

Arnott offers a Two-Year Warranty for European Union customer on Arnott Air Springs, Air Struts, Shocks, Compressors, Coil Spring Conversion Kits and Adjustable Motorcycle Suspension Kits. Orders for Arnott products outside of the European Union and North America come with a Two-Year Warranty. Arnott offers a 30-Day Warranty on parts used in commercial vehicles. Improper use or installation is not a manufacturer's defect. The Arnott Warranty is non-transferable. Arnott’s non-transferrable Warranty replacement is handled by the Reseller or Repair Shop.

Do Arnott products include instructions?

Most Arnott parts have detailed installation manuals which are available for download by visiting These downloadable manuals are available as PDFs in English or can be accessed and translated as a web page using Google Translate. Some parts include Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) that alert installers of common installation issues they should be aware of. Any product TSBs, along with multi-language instructions for accessing and downloading Arnott's Manuals, will be included with your product. Arnott also has a growing selection of professionally produced Installation Videos that are linked to their products on

Where can I find definitions for some of the automotive terminology used on the Arnott site?

Confused by ride control terminology? Arnott has a compendium of ride control and suspension terms. The online dictionary includes almost 100 terms broken down in alphabetical order. The list includes popular terms used in Arnott part descriptions along with other terms from the suspension and air suspension industry. To access the list please click here.

Will Arnott air suspension parts ride differently from the originals?

No. Arnott air springs are just like the originals. You will not notice any difference in ride quality. Arnott designs its air springs with the same spring rate and load capabilities set by the original manufacturer.

Where are Arnott parts made?

Completely new air struts and remanufactured air struts as well as the coil conversion kits are mostly assembled at Arnott's Florida facility using high-quality foreign and domestic components. Foreign materials are part of many of the import cores Arnott remanufactures and various components used to assemble Arnott springs, new and remanufactured parts, and conversion kits. Almost all the air springs for the European market are assembled in Europe, the remaining are assembled in the USA. All WABCO and AMK compressors are manufactured in Germany and the finishing touch is being given in the Netherlands or the USA.

Will Arnott designed new struts work with the vehicle's suspension controls?

Arnott Remanufactured OE struts use the vehicle’s internal electronic controls to adjust factory supplied suspension controls such as auto-leveling and/or auto damping (where available). Arnott designed new struts use custom-valved shocks that don’t require or use the factory air suspension controls.

Why do some of your compressors look different from the original factory part?

While many of Arnott's compressors come from the Original Equipment Supplier they often are not exactly the same as the original compressor. Some Arnott compressors feature improvements to the original design such as different wiring harnesses, brackets and filters. Others may require the re-use of stock mounting hardware or wiring. In some cases the compressor is different because the OE compressor changed supplier. Arnott tests every compressor and includes all of the necessary mounting hardware, accessories and installation instructions and backs its compressors with a Limited 2-Year Warranty in the EU.

Should I replace the air suspension parts or just convert my car to coil springs?

If you like the load-leveling capabilities, or if you tow with your vehicle and/or vehicles that are converted to natural gas, then you should repair the air suspension system. If you are tired of replacing the many components of which your air suspension consists, then the coil spring conversion kit should be perfect for you. Please bear in mind that you should check with the local authorities whether you are legally allowed to convert your car from air suspension to coil spring. Legislation around this varies per EU country.

Do I have to weld or modify my car to make your coil spring conversion kits fit?

Absolutely not! Arnott conversion kits are designed to bolt directly to your vehicle's suspension. No special tools are necessary to install Arnott conversion kits. Arnott kits come preassembled and ready to bolt in. All Arnott suspension brackets are specifically engineered for your vehicle, and CNC-machined at the Arnott factory in Florida, United States.

How can I tell if my Mercedes-Benz is equipped with AIRMATIC® or ABC?

AIRMATIC® is a Mercedes trademark for air suspension. ABC stands for Active Body Control which is hydraulic suspension instead of air suspension. ABC was a rare option. You can tell which suspension you have by opening the hood of the car and examining the top of the shock absorber.

If the car is equipped with AIRMATIC, you will have obvious air lines leading from the top of the shocks.
Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC VS ABC Suspension

If your car is equipped with ABC, you will have small black electrical plugs leading into the top of both shocks.

What is ADS? How can I tell if my Mercedes is equipped with ADS suspension?

ADS stands for Active Dampening System. Although ADS can be optional, in Europe, most of the vehicles that have this option come with ADS. You can easily check to see if your vehicle is equipped with ADS by examining the AIRMATIC control buttons located on the dash panel below the Air Conditioning controls. Please see pictures below.

Mercedes-Benz ADS Suspension

Why do I have to replace the rear air springs for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 in pairs?

For most Arnott products we recommend you to replace them in pairs since the old ones usually have experienced the same wear and tear but it is not necessary. An exception is the E-Class W211 rear air springs, which must be replaced in pairs due to an improvement in design, whereby Arnott’s rear air springs eliminate the OE air reservoir thus saving the installer hours of time.

Why does the compressor for the Land Rover LR3, LR4 and Range Rover Sport requires a software update?

Originally these Land Rovers came with a Hitachi compressor. However, a couple of years ago Land Rover made the switch to AMK compressors for these models. Due to this switch, the car require a software update to make the air suspension system function well. Since Arnott delivers OES compressors, our P-2645 is also an AMK compressor. Therefore, if you still have the original Hitachi underneath your car, the car will require a software update just like if you’d purchase them directly from Land Rover.

Which side of my car is the Right and Left?

The right and left sides of an automobile are determined as if sitting in the car facing forward. Thus, the left side is on the left when sitting in the car facing forward, and the right side is on the right. For most cars in Europe, the driver’s side is on the left, and the passenger sits to the right of the driver. For cars in Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus and some other former British colonies -- where they drive on the left side of the road -- the passenger sits on the left side, and the driver (along with all the driving controls) is on the right.

How do I remove the air lines from my compressor dryer or solenoid?

The air lines are removed from the used part by pushing in on the fitting and pulling out on the air line at the same time. The fitting usually has an orange plastic ring around it. If it does not, that is okay ... simply push in on the brass fitting instead.