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15 Jan

Compressors – a deeper look

When you look at an air suspension system, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is often considered to be the brain of the system. Following this line of thought, the compressor can be considered the beating heart of the system. Even though a

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04 Jan

We are starting 2021 with some new releases!

17 Nov

Tire change – Winter Check

In many countries the end of summer has come and the colder, winter season is ahead of us. To prepare for the change in climate, many car owners take their car to the workshop for a tire change. Winter tires are safer to drive in this

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03 Nov

Check out our new released products!

By continuously working hard to develop and engineer high quality IAM air suspension components, we are happy to inform you about our latest releases!
10 Sep

Air springs – a deeper look

Air springs are a defining and recognizable part of the air suspension system. They use the compressive abilities of air and rubber to absorb vibrations and raise or lower the vehicle. How do they actually work, what are they made off and what

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01 Sep

Now in our assortment, expanding our range!

We continue to improve and add additional applications to our already broad range. Below the latest new releases!
18 Aug

Air suspension – how does it actually work?

Although the concept of an air suspension system on passenger cars was already introduced in the sixties, the functioning of the system is still not common knowledge for most. This is partially the reason that quite some workshops do not have

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17 Jul

Summer Holiday Check!

The summer holiday season is arriving and many people are going on holidays by car. This usually means the vehicle is being used different than in everyday life: overpacked, hauling, more kilometers etc. All these additional conditions cause

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