Benefits of Air Suspension Over Coil Suspension

Yvette Koehorst/ March 15, 2021

Nowadays, around 5% of all new passenger cars are equipped with factory-fitted air suspension and this number is growing. In the beginning, air suspension was offered for high end models only, but in the last few years has worked its way down to mid-range passenger cars as well. This change has been driven by steadily growing customer demand for safety,

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Compressors – a deeper look

Yvette Koehorst/ January 15, 2021

When you look at an air suspension system, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is often considered to be the brain of the system. Following this line of thought, the compressor can be considered the beating heart of the system. Even though a compressor does not continuously run, when it no longer functions properly, the system will perform poorly and eventually

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Tire change – Winter Check

Yvette Koehorst/ November 17, 2020

In many countries the end of summer has come and the colder, winter season is ahead of us. To prepare for the change in climate, many car owners take their car to the workshop for a tire change. Winter tires are safer to drive in this often-colder period of rain, hail and snow. Changing tires also provides an opportunity to

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Air springs – a deeper look

Yvette Koehorst/ September 10, 2020

Air springs are a defining and recognizable part of the air suspension system. They use the compressive abilities of air and rubber to absorb vibrations and raise or lower the vehicle. How do they actually work, what are they made off and what are the advantages?